J.Lemle Redirect Page

J. Lemle Real Estate has been a trusted name in real estate since 1921.

To better serve our tenants, the properties of J. Lemle Real Estate will

now be owned and managed by its successor companies,
Copperwood Real Estate and LC Lemle Real Estate Group.


Please select the company that you wish to visit:

317 East 84th Street
New York, NY 10028
(212) 390–1800

1382–1384–1386 Second Avenue
1590–1592 First Avenue
243–253 East 78th Street
402 East 78th Street
444 East 81st Street
121 East 82nd Street
172 East 82nd Street

232–234 East 83rd Street
315 East 84th Street
310 East 85th Street
405 East 87th Street
415 East 87th Street
428–430 East 89th Street
55 East 95th Street